From Jimmy Hendrix to Jimmy Martin

My dad’s love for classical music and my mum’s love for anything that rocked, had me exposed to a colorful mix of Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple, Bach and Beethoven at home. This is probably why I still like a wide range of very different styles of music.
Eight years old, I really would have loved to play the Tuba. „Slavko Avsenik & das Original Oberkrainer Trompetenecho“ was my very first vinyl. That driving rhythm of the Humpta Band and the low notes of the Tuba truly fascinated me – and original Bavarian folk music still does. Sadly, I never played the Tuba but was given a recorder flute instead. Disappointment faded when, as a teenager, I had the chance to study the piano and had a great time playing Mozart, Chopin – and Boogie Woogie.
At the time, a friend of mine had me try his electric bass – I immediately fell in love with that instrument. In my early twenties, at a folk punk concert by the “Cropdusters”, I heard the fivestring banjo for the first time. Visiting the band’s banjo player in London in 1990 I learnt my first rolls. However, following the sound of the Banjo eventually got me ending up knee-deep in Bluegrass. With some help of a Jimmy Martin’s “Big and Country Instrumental” tape, I taught myself to play the guitar.
Having played the bass in various bands of different musical styles, I started writing my own material only a few years back and am now performing solo, too.
Three chords and the truth – that is what they say is all a song needs. I love simple music and turning a good story into a song.

since 2019

The Greg Dacks Band

Vintage Rock, Woodstock & Blues


B & B Country Band

2014 – 2017 

Heiko Ahrend Bluegrass Band with Heiko & Hendrik Ahrend and Lukas Grabe

since 2012

Solo Gigs

2009-2012 /

Duo Two of a  Kind / Sounds of Amber with Katja Wilken


with Scarlett Seither


on tour with Dough Adkins


Mountain Dew – American Music with Bernd Hoormann, Jürgen Brinker

1992 – 1994

Kentucky Five Country Band with Jürgen Bruns

1988 – 1992

several Rockbands

1988 – 1990

Heavy Metall Band, Danceband, Salsa Band